My Bookshelf #1/2022, books about Customer Success and OKR #lifelonglearner

My Bookshelf #1/2022, books about Customer Success and OKR #lifelonglearner

Working in the IT field requires you to always learn something new. Especially true if you, like me, switched roles quite frequently, I mean in the last 24 years I had about 9 different roles myself. With my newest journey into Customer Success I faced a new world and trying to understand this world and all the fancy words and ideas has influenced my reading list

So this is what I read in Q1 of 2022, in order to prepare myself for the new exciting life of Customer Success

Customer Success Professional Handbook ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This was an amazing read, I took two books from Linkedin recommendations and also verified with a friend of mine. She is an excellent Customer Success Manager and the right person to learn from. So when she asked “did you ever read a book about Customer Success”, I felt 50% offended and 50% teased, so I started reading

The book itself is amazing. It is a very well written book which switches between knowledge sharing and commentary on certain topics provided by top notch Customer Success people.

You will learn and understand every major topic of Customer Success, including the Customer Journey, tech touch workflows and even insights into the mindset.

It was a great read to be honest and I learned a lot, also questioned the stuff I do on a daily base as a result of that. I would give this book five stars.

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Customer Success ⭐️⭐️⭐️(⭐⭐️)️
This book comes out with 3 Stars, not because of the book itself, so please don’t misunderstand. This book basically is the written witness report of the birth of Customer Success (so to speak), so as it was the second book I read I felt a bit spoilered.

So please read this one first. It covers more or less the same topics and is a passionate read about what Customer Success is meant to be.

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For the two Customer Success books I need to be fair and mention that they are pretty Salesforce-ish. So a lot comes from Gainsight and their best practice, which is really a best practice as such but we all know that your next or current company most definitely has a different idea of what CS means to them. You should still use this books to understand the basic ideas. Never compromise on the best practice before you even started.

Measure What Matters ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Funny situation, a former junior of mine (yes, Jesmina I mean you) has now a pretty awesome role at a well known company. They use OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results) to measure their progress. As she spoke so passionate about it it peaked my interest. So I went out and was already happy that the Wikipedia article about OKR already reference an author as the goto, thats the book I bought.

I was hooked by the foreword and introduction already. Being a Google-Fanboy for years, getting the insights on how Google adopted OKRs since their early days got me more than interested.

The book gives you amazing insight combined with some very interesting historical “facts” by one of Silicon Valleys finest. I loved that very much, I have always been a fan of books like “Hackers” from Levy, so a book which teaches you something with the anecdotes of how it all started is an amazing read for me.

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Happy reading 🙂 
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