Lifesaver: How to extend your LVM

Lifesaver: How to extend your LVM

I guess this is more of a bookmark than a blog post. I was looking for a guide on how to resize the filesystem on my virtual machine. Why? Because I installed an ubuntu and rushed through the creation of the virtual machine — only to realize moments after that 20G of disk will not be enough.

While VMware Fusion makes it quite simple to resize the disk (once the machine is stopped, simply select Hard Disk and move the slider)

The struggle with resizing of the LVM is real. Looking for the best way to do it, I stumbled across the guide I shared above. Especially if you hurried through the standard installation (like me), this guide will be your little helper as it also uses all the default naming.

It comes down to just a handful of steps you need to take:

Resize via VMware
  1. Resize the VMware Disk this can be done easily via the User Interface
  2. Use cfdisk to resize the filesystem. As a result you should see a larger free space after step 1. You can simply select the disk and resize. With that hold your horses and make sure to read and to type yes at the right time, which helps you a lot in the long run.
  3. Finally we do the LVM resize make sure to do the 100% FREE option.

And that is actually it, three simple steps. Easy to follow when summarized. I mentioned this would be more of a bookmark than blog post, didn’t I? So what are you waiting for?

That’s it for today, please leave a 👏 and be excellent to each other.


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