Create an Appointment Schedule using your Google Calendar #TutorialSeries

Create an Appointment Schedule using your Google Calendar #TutorialSeries

Creation of an Appointment slot

Meetings – we all have them and even worse we all need to organize them as well. The endless back and forth cycle to schedule a meeting with someone — it’s a hustle.

Luckily there are tools like e.g. Calendly which give you access to a way easier method. If you know and like Calendly, you may also will be impressed with how simple you can organize your Google Workspace as well.

First we need to create slots

This is as simple as creating a new entry, just hit create and select the option “appointment slots”

Creation of an Appointment slot

Next up, you will see the usual entry page, where you can select different options for the meeting slots:

  • Slot with duration which lets you select its duration. Here you can create several time slots within one appointment window
  • Single slot where basically the whole time slot selection is one big appointment

Both options give you a repeat option with the classical selections:

  • daily
  • weekly on [selected day]
  • monthly on [selected day]
  • annually on [date]
  • every weekday (Monday to Friday)
  • custom
Creation of an Appointment slot

Share the link

You will find the link to the “appointment page” in the middle of the screen, you can share this link with whoever needs it.

The visitor of the link will see a page as follows:

Creation of an Appointment slot

The visitor will be able to select time slots based on the options set before. As you can see in the picture, slots are 30min wide and spread the whole time range you have set.

That’s it for today, please leave a 👏 and be excellent to each other.


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