OneWeb Launch on ISRO GSLV Mk III

OneWeb Launch on ISRO GSLV Mk III

For October 21 OneWeb did schedule the 14. launched within their OneWeb Internet Satellites constellation, it marks the first launch which is executed by the Indian Space Research Organization.


The goal of OneWeb is to provide high speed internet everywhere across the globe. To do so a constellation of around 648 satellites have been planned to be launched until the end of 2023. It has been a bumpy road for OneWeb, with several promising investors and partnerships, but also with a bankruptcy which only could be prevented with the help and take over by the Government of the United Kingdom. The same saving led to the fallout with Russia based Roscosmos and ended the usage of Soyuz rockets as a launch vehicle.

OneWeb mission 14 (1 GSLV)

With this mission OneWeb will add another 36 satellites to their current constellation. Each satellite weighs in at around 150kg and is equipped with Ku-Band Antennas.

(Source and credit: Airbus One Web)

OneWeb satellites are built by Airbus and OneWeb together, utilizing the small satellite ARROW design. They operate from a Polar Low Earth Orbit at around 1200km. The partnership has been extended and

Indian Space Research Agency

The next OneWeb Launch will be executed by ISRO on a GSLV MK III, a 43.5m heigh and 4m weight vehicle which can lift up to 4 tons in Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) and up to 8 tons into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) .

Picture and stats:

Note JS: since the acquisition there is a difference between the “oneweb” and “oneweb and airbus” website in relation to the scope of the project, I did send an email to oneweb and airbus asking for clarification but at the time of publishing no answer has been receive

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