Image creator with DALL.E has added the image creation AI DALL.E to bing search. I did try it out for you so here are my thoughts.

First of all I find the picture creation pretty great if you keep it simple. A Simple query like “A picture of an neko girl in space”, as you can see above does give you some decent result. That changes if you try to over complicate what you actually want

“Create a new profile picture, 43 old white male, grey short hair, short grey beard with glasses. Add fox ears in grey and make it anime style. The person is slightly obese, with long face. add a black leather jacket”

I can not see that I fully see the description reflected in those pictures.

Also, I tried several iterations of the same phrase and after a while all pictures look pretty much as reshaping of the other ones.

Overall I am quite happy to see that Microsoft is working hard on making this all available to us.