March 2023 Spam Investigations: Cortex XSOAR’s Success in Identifying Top Spam TLDs and Recurring Domains

Spam overview March 2023

As technology continues to advance, so do the methods of spammers trying to infiltrate our inboxes. In March 2023, we conducted spam investigations of incoming emails using Cortex XSOAR and found that we received a total of 682 spam emails, which is an 8% decrease compared to the previous month.

Out of these 682 emails, 533 were confirmed as true positives. This means that these emails were indeed spam and were successfully identified as such by our system. It’s important to note that false positives can sometimes occur, where legitimate emails are mistakenly identified as spam, but in this case, we had a relatively low rate of false positives.

When looking at the top spam TLDs (Top Level Domains), we found that .cloud was the most common, accounting for 371 emails. This was followed by .com, with 123 emails. This information can be useful in identifying potential trends or patterns in spam emails and can help us better prepare for future attacks.

Additionally, we found that the top recurring domain in our spam investigations was This domain appeared multiple times in our investigations, which indicates that it may be a particularly popular choice for spammers.

Overall, our spam investigations in March 2023 using Cortex XSOAR were successful in identifying and filtering out a significant number of spam emails. By staying vigilant and utilizing the latest technology and techniques, we can continue to stay one step ahead of spammers and protect our inboxes from unwanted and potentially harmful content.